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From the Huila region of south Colombia we bring you our Colombian Excelso medium roast. The qualities of this very fertile region at an altitude of 5500ft above sea level and ample fresh water supply combine for superb coffee growing conditions. Unlike most other Colombian coffees, the Excelso from the Huila Region has a very low acidity and is very smooth. You will enjoy it any time of day when looking for a flavorful, smooth, easy drinking cup.


From the country known as the “origin of coffee” we bring you our signature dark roast. Grown exclusively in the Sidamo Province of Ethiopia, this Arabica bean is valued for its deep spice and wine or chocolate­like taste and distinctive citrus flavor notes. With a bright crisp acidity, our single origin Ethiopian Sidamo dark roast bean yields a very high quality, bold tasting coffee to be enjoyed as a morning pick me up or throughout the day when you just want a good strong cup.